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SuperXV250x250 is the leading independent Super Rugby website on the internet. The site gets visited by over 500 000 unique users a month in season.

  • Over 500 000 Unique users a month – 800 000 at peak
  • Top of the page listing for Super Rugby in Google
  • Top of the page listing for Super Rugby Video in Google.
  • Top three or higher Google listing for every Super Rugby team.
  • Is part of the largest collection of Super Rugby related domain names in existence.

SuperXV – Super Rugby’s leading site is the only truly specialised Super Rugby website on the internet that reports on all of the Super Rugby teams. Other sites do exist but they do not have dedicated sections for every team. The South Africa, New Zealand and Australian Rugby Unions all have Super Rugby sites or sections within their national sites but none of them report on all of the teams.


Due to this and the quality of content the site is unrivalled on the internet for Super Rugby coverage. Superxv enjoys a bounce rate in the mid 40’s which is exceptionally low for a site with almost 50% mobile traffic.


The site went live in 2008 and the domain name was registered in 2007. SuperXV originally ran alongside but in 2011 the decision was made to combine the two sites.


While the domain has established itself, over 200 Super Rugby related domain names help to get the site the leader in Super Rugby. The list of domain names grouped with include domains for all 18 of the Super Rugby teams such as,,, StormersRugby and so on. A number of these domain names are featured in the top two for Google searches for Super Rugby teams.


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